About MEPS

Merrylands East Public School (MEPS) is situated in South Western Sydney with a student enrolment of 370 comprising of 90.5% from a non-English speaking background, 12% being refugees. Many of our students come fro low socio-economic backgrounds and different linguistic backgrounds. Many students have limited exposure to varied experiences and technologies.

Merrylands East has a strong sustainability program with the school recently receiving the United Nations Association of Australia World Environment Award a first for NSW schools. Set in picturesque grounds, the school has four water tanks, a photovoltaic system consisting of 36 panels and landscaped areas.

We provide our students with opportunities to develop the skills, capabilities and knowledge that are necessary to be successful in a globalised and highly digital society. In order to allow our diverse students to become active global citizens, MEPS is committed to expanding their educational experiences through innovative and creative pedagogy making learning relevant and authentic. In such an environment students can access learning anytime, anywhere and with anyone. The process of transforming our learning spaces has begun. More classes are combined in a co-operative teaching environment promoting the implementation of Project-based Learning (PBL) and edVenture Time (Passion-based Learning) programs. PBL and edVenture Time are two innovative pedagogies that highly engage students through the teaching of 21st Century skills.

Our school envisages, in five years, a classless school where learning has no barriers. No students learning will be limited by grade, age, gender, cultural and/or socio-economic backgrounds. MEPS caters for all students.

MEPS Contact Details:
School Email:                  merrylande-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au
School Telephone:       02 9637 2638